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Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd

Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd, founded in 2007, is located in the former Foshan Transformer Factory, which is committed to research, development, manufacturing, and energy-saving, safe, and reliable electric power equipment.

33kv oil filled transformer

10kv oil filled transformer

35kv dry type transformer

Dry type power transformer

Amorphous transformer

Rectifier transformer oil type

Furnace transformer 10kv

33kv compact transformer substation

Production Market
Our products are sold all over the world, mainly in China, Philippines, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Benin, Turkey, Belgium, Chile, Hong Kong China and so on.
R & D technology
Since 2018, we have introduced power quality products (including APF, SVG and SPC), integrated R&D, production and sales, and contributed to improving the power supply quality and service life of customers' equipment and saving electricity costs.

Oil Filled Transformer, Prefabricated Substation

Noah Electrical, one of the renowned companies, High Frequency Pulsed Esp Power Supply manufactures, Transformer supplies, and exports a wide array of electrical and power equipment. We also offer after-sales services both on-site and remotely based upon our clients’ needs.

Every sector requires our product range being of the power sector of industry. Our range includes: Static Var Generator, Active Harmonic Filter, Active Power Filter, Transformer, Esp Power Supply, High Frequency Pulsed Esp Power Supply, Rectifier, Rectifier Transformer, Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supply, Pad Mounted Transformer, Oil Immersed Transformer, Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply, Isolation Transformer, Furnace Transformer, Dry Type Transformer, Compact Transformer Substation, Compact Transformer, Compact Substation, Oil Filled Transformer, and Prefabricated Substation many more.

Compact Transformer

We are the leading Compact Transformer supplier in China. Suitable for all types of machinery, our Compact Transformer is manufactured by us. Compact Transformer Substations are designed for furnace duty that has the necessary arrangements to suppress harmonics. Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer standard and custom designs for these products.


  • 1. Changing resistance loads are possible with multiple ratio outputs
  • 2. Providing the appropriate voltage for heating elements
  • 3. Induction heating can be achieved using high-frequency transformers
  • Buy now the Compact Transformer in bulk! We also provide Oil Immersed Transformer made in China, so it is worth buying the best.

    Rectifier Transformer & Isolation Transformer

    Rectifier Transformers & Isolation Transformer made in China are some of the products that we provide to our customers that are well-distinguished in the industry.

    For varying line and load conditions, these Rectifier Transformers provide excellent output voltage regulation.


  • 1. Resistant to corrosion
  • 2. High tensile strength
  • 3. Strong construction
  • Vision

    Visiting www.noahelectrical.com, you will find a company that aims to be a leading global player and a national leader in the field of manufacturing and supplying power supplies. Our aim to become a one-stop solution for Power and Distribution Transformers and allied products is poised to scale newer heights of technology, set quality benchmarks for all of its products, and ensure customer satisfaction.

    Our Focus

  • • Is on selecting the best quality material
  • • is on manufacturing products using the authentic process
  • • managing the static and dynamic performance
  • • On preventing the errors rather than error correction
  • Corporate Mission

  • 1. Maintain high levels of Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability in running the business and continually build upon the trust and confidence that our stakeholders have given us over the years.
  • 2. Is to stay active, participative, and updated
  • 3. Maintain a competitive advantage by delivering excellent quality, continuous research and development, outstanding product performance and durability, outstanding technical support, enhanced manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art testing facilities, professional management, customer-centric marketing practices, and selfless contributions to the community. Post Free Classified Ads!
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