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Our history

Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd, founded in 2007, is located in the former Foshan Transformer Factory, which is committed to research, development, manufacturing and energy saving, safe and reliable electric power equipment: 110 kv and below power transformer (including oil-immersed transformer, dry type transformer, rectifier transformer, electric furnace transformer, amorphous transformer, excitation transformer, isolation transformer, etc.); Complete equipment: high and low voltage complete switchgear, box type transformer (including compact transformer substation, pad mounted transformer, wind power transformer substation, PV transformer substation, etc.); Electronic transformer (including high frequency transformer, medium frequency transformer, high frequency inductor, etc.)

Since 2018, we have introduced power quality products (including APF, SVG and SPC), integrated R&D, production and sales, and contributed to improving the power supply quality and service life of customers’ equipment and saving electricity costs.

In 2019, we have established production, learning and research base in Chengdu, with main products are: magnetron sputtering DC power supply, magnetron sputtering intermediate frequency power supply, magnetron sputtering bias power supply; high power bidirectional controllable DC power supply; high power programmable DC power supply, high voltage DC power supply, special non-standard DC power supply; SPS plasma sintering power supply; Plasma nitriding surface treatment power supply; High power electroplating power supply; High power oxidation power supply, high power electrolytic power supply, etc. We have very close technical exchanges and cooperation with institute of Electrical Engineering, Institute of High Energy, Institute of Plasma Physics, Institute of Materials, China Electric Power Research Institute, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, etc.

In 2021, we set up a branch company in Jiuquan to provide convenient, professional and reliable power equipment and services for northwest China, and further expand the company’s transformer and other related power equipment business.

Our Product & Application

Our products are widely used in lighting, machine tool electrical equipment, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifier device, military, aerospace, etc. Product performance can meet the user’s various special requirements. Mainstream products involve power quality, power conversion, instrumentation, radio and television communication, transportation, renewable energy, industrial manufacturing, environmental hygiene, medical security, plasma applications and other industries.

There are three main categories of our products : Transformer, Power quality products and Special power supply(Switching power supply)
Transformer mainly includes : Oil-immersed transformer, dry transformer, rectifier transformer, furnace transformer, amorphous transformer, isolation transformer and so on.
Special power supply includes : Magnetron sputtering power supply, power supply for ESP(Electrostastic Precipitator), SPS plasma sintering power supply, plasma nitriding surface treatment power supply, high power electroplating power supply, high power oxidation power supply, etc.

Production Equipment

Production Equipment: German Georg 600mm Silicon Steel Sheet Shear Line, Italian LAE Foil Winding Machine, High Voltage Winding Machine, Heydrich Epoxy Pouring Pot, Vacuum Oil Filter System, Air Dry Oven.

Test Equipment: Lightning Impulse Test Device, 250kV Test Transformer, Partial Discharge Coupling Capacitor, Comprehensive Performance Test Board, Multifunctional Automatic Oscillator, Air Generator, Chromatograph, Automatic Voltage Ratio Tester, Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester.

Electronic workshop

Production equipment

Test equipment

Production Market

Our products are sold all over the world, mainly in China, Philippines, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Benin, Turkey, Belgium, Chile, Hong Kong China and so on.

Our Certificate

We have ISO9001, CE,TUV, type test reports, certificate of patent,etc.

Our service

Before sale : Consult clearly customers’ specific requirements and ideas on products in detail; For some customers who may not be clear about the specific model of the product they need, we will look into the information provided by the customer, and ask the necessary core parameters, then recommend products for the customer, provide detailed parameters, pictures and other product information to ensure that products fully meet the customer. All of our products can be customized.
In sale : After confirming the product information and price, the customer is willing to cooperate and place orders. Our company will draw up purchase and sales contract or proforma invoice with clear remarks on customer requirements and other contract terms to ensure that products are consistent with customer requirements. Formal production will be arranged after confirmation by both parties. Upon receipt of customer deposit, we will arrange design, procurement, production, testing, delivery and other work immediately. Each process is tracked and managed by special personnel to ensure timely discovery of problems, timely feedback and solution, so as to save the delivery cycle, let customers rest assured and worry less.
After-sales service : All our products and services strictly comply with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standards, including relevant after-sales service measurements, as the basis and guarantee of our company’s products and services. With the aim of “creating value for customers”, we promise to provide customers with the following quality services:

1. The service of “guaranteed repair, replacement and return” (three guarantees) is implemented for one year. In case of quality problems caused by product manufacturing during the period, our company will provide three guarantees. If there are quality problems caused by other reasons, our company will actively assist to deal with them, provide necessary technical support, solve the problems for customers, and minimize the loss caused by the accident as soon as possible.

2. Assist customers to install and debug major equipment and provide on-site technical services, dispatch personnel to the site if necessary until the equipment is put into operation safely.

3. During the warranty period stipulated in the contract, in case of product damage or malfunction caused by design, manufacturing or material defects, we guarantee to provide timely solutions to customers upon receipt of notice.

4. Set up product quality files, regularly follow up and solve quality problems in time.

5. Strictly perform the relevant terms of the contract, and constantly improve the quality of service, as the feedback of customers’ trust and support with high-quality products and services.

6. We provide lifelong maintenance services for our products.

7. We promise that all questions will be answered within 24 hours. The ways to deal with the problems: a. Through remote video communication; b. If necessary, send engineers to the site.

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