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High Frequency High Voltage Pulsed ESP(Electrostatic Precipitator) Power Supply
High Frequency High Voltage Pulsed ESP(Electrostatic Precipitator) Power Supply

Today I would like to share with you a High Frequency High Voltage Pulsed ESP(Electrostatic Precipitator) Power Supply independently developed by the company. As we know that the power supply of electrostatic precipitator(ESP) is an important part of dust removal equipment, which has an significant effect on the level of dust removal efficiency. At present, a large number of applications are power frequency power supply technology, high energy consumption, low dust removal efficiency. With the development of industry and the further improvement of national air pollution emission standards electrostatic precipitator is required to achieve higher dust removal efficiency. In terms of high voltage power supply technology of electrostatic precipitator, new high efficiency and energy saving products are needed to meet the requirements of industrial application. The high frequency pulse electrostatic power supply is the advanced new power supply of electrostatic precipitator in the world.

Compared with the traditional SCR power supply, the high frequency and high voltage power supply has excellent performance, with small output ripple, high average voltage, small volume, light weight, integrated structure, high conversion efficiency and power factor, the use of three-phase balanced power supply on the power grid and other significant advantages. In particular, it can greatly improve the efficiency of dust removal, so it is a revolutionary replacement of the traditional silicon controlled power supply, and has achieved a qualitative leap in the technical level of electrostatic precipitator power supply. The high frequency power supply has more than 93% energy conversion efficiency. Under the same power required by the electric field, only about 20% of the input power of the conventional power supply is energy-saving. With better charged strength, the electric field power can be greatly reduced on the basis of ensuring the dust fully charged, so as to reduce the invalid electric field power.


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