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Noah Electrical Offer Premium Range Of Generator
Noah Electrical Offer Premium Range Of Generator

Static Var Generator

Noah Electrical is a renowned company which offers different company generators and transformers. Our generators are high-performance, compact, flexible, modular, and cost-effective. It is a new generation of reactive power compensation solutions. It improves the installation and equipment lifespan by reducing loads and heat. We are an experienced firm which offers the best electrical solutions for industrial purposes. Our experts are focused on providing modern solutions to electric problems.

Static Var Generator is a developed electronics-based reactive power dynamic reactive power compensator. It improves grid stability, increases power transmission capacity, and eliminates reactive power impacts. We provide reactive power compensation to an n-phase AC network subject to transient surge currents utilized mechanically. The generators are the most accurate power factor correction solution in both unbalanced three-phase systems & installations.

It makes load current lag or leads to the voltage. SVG detects the phase angle that generates leading or lagging into the grid, making the current phase angle almost the same as that of voltage on the transformer side, which means the unit's fundamental power factor.
SVG has a modular in design, and the SVG system includes one or different SVG modules and an optional liquid crystal monitor & control Panel (LCM). Furthermore, the SVG module is an independent reactive power compensation system, and users can change the SVG rating by adding or removing SVG modules.

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