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Principle of High Frequency High Voltage Pulsed ESP Power Supply
Principle of High Frequency High Voltage Pulsed ESP Power Supply

Today we continue to share the structure and principle of high frequency and high voltage power supply. The power supply of high frequency and high voltage pulse electrostatic dust removal is composed of two parts: one is the control cabinet, which controls and monitors the smooth operation of the whole power supply; The other part is a high voltage chamber for variable ratio boost rectifier and final output discharge. The main circuit principle is: 50Hz three phase 380V AC input, through full bridge controlled rectification, and then through IGBT inverter to generate high frequency power supply, and then through high frequency transformer voltage boost, and finally rectifier into high frequency high voltage DC pulse power output. The control of this high frequency and high voltage power supply is simple and convenient. The duty cycle can be arbitrarily adjusted through the display screen to provide the most suitable voltage waveform according to the working condition. The pulse frequency can be up to 80kHz to increase the average voltage by 25%-30% compared with the power frequency voltage. In addition, this power supply has open circuit protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection and over temperature protection, can set their own protection voltage, current and response time, very high safety.

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