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Amorphous Alloy Transformer

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What is an oil Immersed transformer? A type of transformer known as an oil-immersed, or oil Immersed transformer uses oil cooling to lower the temperature. An oil-immersed transformer's body is not like a dry-type one. It is placed in an insulated steel tank that has been filled with oil. An oil-immersed transformer's heat is converted into insulating oil first, and then to the cooling medium. You can also choose from immersion natural cooling transformers or immersion forced air cooling Transformers depending on your capacity. Substations and distribution systems use oil-immersed transformers. The core and coils are submerged in oil which cools and insulates the transformers. Oil circulates around the core and coil assembly by convection through tubes within the coils. At small ratings, the oil tank cools it and at higher ratings, the radiators are air-cooled. What is a dry type transformer? First, a dry type transformer (also known as a resin cast transformer) is solid. It does not have rotating parts. These types of transformers work well using the most environmentally friendly temperature insulation systems. Dry type transformers operate through voltage changes, unlike liquid-type transformers that rely on oil or fire to function. When dealing with these types transformers, it is only air that needs to be cooled and not any other liquids. The coils can be easily cooled by placing them in a well-ventilated area. Dry type transformers don't require that they be kept in a catch basin or refractory vault as with liquid transformers. They are also non-toxic and therefore can be used indoors.
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