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Pad Mounted Transformer

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Pad Mounted Transformer, 33kV Pad Mounted Transformer, 15kV Pad Mounted Transformer, Pad Mounted Transformer Specifications

Unparalleled Inventory To Meet Your Requirements

When it comes to replacing or repairing your Pad Mounted Transformer, only the best minds and hands will do it. We are a dependable, highly specialized manufacturer and service supplier of single-phase and three-phase Pad Mounted transformers, both liquid-filled and dry-type. Built-to-order design services and a large merchandise inventory back us up, with revisions available for speedy delivery. Furthermore, our expert team has the experience and flexibility to offer advice and engineering in every situation.

Pad Mounted Transformers Are Dependable And Get The Job Done!

Pad Mounted transformers with liquid-filled cores are suited for commercial, industrial, and utility applications. Our Three-phase pad-mounted transformers are available in voltage classes up to 35 kV (200 kV BIL) and can be constructed to order or modified from stock.

Standard Features

  1. When necessary, a No-Load Tap Changer
  2. Drain Valve or a Combination Drain and Sampler Valve
  3. Pressure Relief Valve
  4. Pressure Vacuum Gauge (also with Bleeder)
  5. Liquid Level Gauge
  6. ANSI Standard Secondary Spades
  7. Provision for jacking and lifting
  8. Externally Clamped High- and Low-Voltage Bushings
  9. Radial or Loop Feed
  10. 33kV Pad Mounted Transformer
  11. 15kV Pad Mounted Transformer
  12. 13.2kV Pad Mounted Tranformer
  13. 34.5kV Pad Mounted Tranformer
  14. Live or Dead Front
  15. Tamper Proof Enclosure
  16. Rectangular Layer Coil Design (Stainless Steel or Aluminum)
Whether you require a short-term rental for a maintenance period or a long-term rental solution, you can count on our staff to provide prompt and dependable service. Also, you can count us to know Pad Mounted Transformer Specifications in detail.
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