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Static Var Generator,Active Power Filter,High Frequency Pulsed Esp Power Supply,Compact Transformer Substation,Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supply,Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply,Compact Substation,Esp Power Supply The Static Voltage Generator (or SVG) is an electronic device that generates power and is connected to a load that needs harmonic mitigation. The SVG acts as a controlled current source and provides any type of current waveforms in real-time. Applications and benefits of static variable voltage generators Static variable voltage generators were first used to reduce voltage fluctuations and flicker since the 1970s. Large industries, especially steel plants, use static reactive power compensaters in electric arc furnace installation to correct flicker. Static variable voltage generators can be installed in power systems at the right locations to increase transmission capacity. They improve voltage stability and maintain a smooth voltage profile even under changing system conditions. Active power oscillations can be mitigated by static reactive power compensators. This is done via voltage amplitude modulation. They can also be used as automatic impedance matching devices, which bring the system power factor closer towards unity. Static variable voltage generators are frequently installed near high-voltage, rapidly changing loads such as welding plants, arc furnaces, and other inverter applications that are susceptible to flicker and voltage fluctuations. Other benefits include maximum power compensation, near instantaneous responses to system voltage fluctuations; customer economy; the use of appropriate Shunt filters to eliminate harmonics; and voltage distortion; as well as load balancing.
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