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Rectifier Transformer

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Rectifier, Rectifier Transformer, Oil Immersed Rectifier Transformer, Transformer Rectifier System Turn-Key Solutions

Explore The Best Quality Rectifier Transformers Near You!

We are one of the market's most well-known Transformer Rectifier System Turn-Key Solutions, delivering a diverse assortment of Rectifier Transformer to our clients. These Rectifier Transformers provide good output voltage regulation for fluctuating line and load situations. Features:
  1. Anti-rust properties
  2. Excellent tensile strength
  3. Durable construction

What Is The Capacity Of Oil Immersed Rectifier Transformers?

Oil Immersed Rectifier Transformer is designed for 6 or 12 pulse operations and come with various main and secondary winding connections and an interphase transformer. These Power rectifier transformers have a capacity of up to 10 KA DC and a primary voltage of up to 33 kV. These rectifying transformers have traditional pressed steel radiators with ONAN / ONAF / OWFW cooling options. To avoid overheating the core and windings, these electrical rectifier transformers are designed to tolerate harmonics generated in the system.

Is It The Right Time To Choose Rectifier Transformers In 2022?

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