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A group of electrical devices called static var generators is used to provide reactive power with fast response. The ASVG increases power factor, harmonics, and stabilizes the system. static var generators are not like synchronous regulators which can be used as rotating motors. They have no moving parts, except for the internal switchgear. Before the invention of SVC, power factor compensation was only available to large rotating motors like synchronous capacitors and switched capacitor banks. What are the main components in a static var generator? The SVC is made up of two components and their combinations. Thyristor Control, Thyristor Switched Resactors (TCR/TSR), and Thyristor Switched Capacitors. What is the working principle of static var generator? Parallel to the load to compensate, a static var compensator can be connected. The system supplies reactive power proportional the system supply voltage. The inductive power of SVC is generated by a thyristor controlled reactor (TCR), while its capacitive power is generated by a bank passive filter capacitors.
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