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Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) Transformer
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Automatic voltage regulator(AVR) transformer is a kind of transformer with only one winding. When used as a step down transformer, part of the turns are drawn from the winding as the secondary winding. When used as a step up transformer, the applied voltage is applied only to a part of the turns of the winding. The winding that belongs to both primary and secondary is usually called the common winding, and the rest is called the series winding.

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Automatic voltage regulator(AVR) transformer, compared with ordinary transformers, has not only smaller size, and higher efficiency. It can automatically adjust the voltage, suitable for the customers who have voltage instability demand. And the price is lower than the ordinary regulator with a wider range of application.

Oil Immersed Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) Transformer
Technical Specification

Rated Power High Voltage Tapping Range Low Voltage Vector Group No-load loss(W) Load Loss (75℃)  (W) Impedance (%)


50kVA 33000v















Yay0 160 1200 5
100kVA 230 2010
125kVA 270 2370
160kVA 280 2820
200kVA 340 3320
250kVA 400 3950
315kVA 480 4750
400kVA 580 5740
500kVA 680 6910
630kVA 830 7860
800kVA 980 9400
1000kVA 1150 11500
1250kVA 1400 13900
1600kVA 1690 16600
2000kVA 1990 19700
2500kVA 2360 23200


With the rapid development of power system towards large capacity and high voltage, automatic voltage regulator(AVR) transformer has been widely used in high voltage power network with the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency, and has become the voltage conversion equipment to transmit important electric energy. As one of the most important equipment in high voltage power network, autotransformer is of great significance to ensure the safe and reliable operation of power network and flexible power distribution.

Product advantages

1. Less material consumption, low cost. Because the amount of silicon steel sheet and copper wire used in the transformer is related to the rated induction potential and rated current of the winding, that is, to the capacity of the winding, the winding capacity of the autotransformer is reduced, the consumption of materials is also reduced, and the cost is low.
2. Less loss and high efficiency. Thanks to the reduction of copper wire and silicon steel sheet, at the same current density and magnetic flux density, the copper loss and iron loss of autotransformer are reduced than that of double-winding transformer, so the benefit is higher.
3. Easy to transport and install. Because it is lighter and smaller than the double winding transformer with the same capacity.
4. The ultimate manufacturing capacity of transformer is increased. Transformer limit manufacturing capacity is generally limited by transport conditions, in the same transport conditions, autotransformer capacity is larger than double winding transformer.

Project Cases

Our Service

● Listen carefully and clearly to customer specific requirements for products. For some customers at the beginning, they are not clear what exactly they are looking for, we will recommend the items after we learn the necessary core parameters from the client and provide them detailed parameters, pictures and other product information to ensure that products fully meet the requirements.

● Our products can be customized, and the MOQ is one unit. Please just let us know the details of the item you need.

● We have professional QC team to make 100% inspection before the delivery.

● Within the period of guarantee, if there are quality problems caused by manufacturing, we will take responsibility. If the quality problem is caused by other reasons, our company will actively assist to deal with, provide necessary technical support, solve the problem for customers, with the fastest speed to minimize the loss caused by the accident.

● Assist customers to install and debug major equipment and provide on-site technical services, send personnel to the site if necessary, until the equipment is put into operation safely.

● Within the guarantee period stipulated in the contract, if the product is damaged or faulty due to defects in design, manufacturing or materials, our company guarantees to provide timely solutions to customers upon receipt of notice.

● Strictly fulfill the relevant terms of the contract, and constantly improve the quality of service.

High Quality

Passed ISO9001:2015, CE,TUV, type test reports, certificates of patent,etc.

Our Advantage

● We have more than 14 years transformer manufacturing and exporting experience.

● We make the transformer of high quality raw materials, and the price is reasonable.

● We have the best transformer designing, producing, selling and quality control team in a bid to offer you the best product and service.

● We accept OEM/ODM order and can customize the accurate item the customer need.

● We want to build up a long term business relationship with you, so we will try our best to make everything perfect for you.

All prototype products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:

1. Raw material inspection

2. In processing inspection

3. Final inspection

4. Outgoing inspection

Production Equipment

Test Equipment


Q1. Can I use my company’s logo?

A1. Sure, we can offer OEM/ODM service.

Q2. What is the MOQ?

A2. MOQ=1 unit

Q3. What is the delivery time?

A3. It depends on the order quantity. Usually it takes about 15-20 days to make the customized item with small quantity.

Q4. What is the packing material?

A4. Plywood box.

Q5. Do you have export experience?

A5. Sure. Our main markets are South Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and etc. Welcome to be our agent in your country.

Q6. What kind of certificate do you have?

A6. We have ISO9001:2015, CE,TUV, type test reports, certificates of patent,etc.

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