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High Voltage Pulsed Plasma ESP Power Supply(Indoor)
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Working Principles
The power supply is a voltage source with an output of 12KW. The working principle is to use high-voltage electric field to ionize the flue gas, and the dust in the airflow is separated from the airflow under the action of the electric field. The negative electrode which is made of metal wires with different cross-sectional shapes is called discharge electrodes.

The positive electrode which is made of metal plates with different geometric shapes is called dust collecting electrodes. The performance of the electrostatic precipitator is affected by three factors: the nature of the dust, the structure of the equipment and the flow rate of the flue gas. The specific resistance of dust is an index to evaluate the conductivity, and it has a direct impact on the efficiency of dust removal. If the specific resistance is too low, it is difficult for the dust particles to remain on the dust collecting electrode, causing it to return to the airflow. If the specific resistance is too high, the charge of the dust particles reaching the dust collecting electrode will not be easily released, and the formation of a voltage gradient between the dust layers will cause local breakdown and discharge. These conditions will cause the reduction of dust removal efficiency.

The basic principle of the electrostatic precipitator of high-frequency pulse air purification power supply is to use electricity to capture dust in the flue gas. It mainly includes the following four interrelated physical processes:
(1) Gas ionization.
(2) The charging of dust.
(3) The charged dust moves to the electrode.
(4) Collection of charged dust.

The capture process of charged dust: On two metal anodes and cathodes with a large difference in radius of curvature, an electric field sufficient to ionize the gas is maintained through high-voltage direct current. The electrons generated after gas ionization: anions and cations are adsorbed on the dust passing through the electric field, the dust is charged. Under the action of electric field force, the dust with different charge polarity moves to the electrodes of different polarities and deposits on the electrodes, so as to achieve the purpose of separating dust and gas.

Power supply input parameters
Input voltage three-phase 380V /50Hz sine AC
Input current according to the load
Input voltage error ≤ ± 10% of the rating value
Three-phase power supply voltage

imbalance rate

≤ 5%
Enter the overvoltage protection ≥ 420V
Enter undervoltage protection ≤ 350V
Power on overcurrent current ≤ 100A
Power supply output parameters
Output constant mode constant current
Power supply output voltage 80kV
Power supply output current 2000mA
Output ripple ± 1%
Output power ≤ 12kW
Output overflow protection ≥ 500mA
Output frequency 80KHz
Output duty cycle 0~90%(0~12us)
Short-circuit protection for the output
Internal temperature alarm threshold 65 ℃
Cooling mode forced air cooling


▶ Stability
▶ Reliability
▶ Safety
▶ Environmental adaption
▶ Testability
▶ Maintainability


Metallurgical industry: used for black and non-ferrous metal smelting dust removal, recycle of metal smelting raw materials and comprehensive utilization.
Building materials industry: used for dust removal and raw materials recovery in cement and refractory industries.
Electric power industry: used for boiler flue gas dust removal.
Petroleum industry: used to separate salt, water or other impurities contained in crude oil.
Chemical industry: used to recycle valuable components in flue gas, used in acid industry for fog removal, dust removal, etc.
Light textile industry: used for alkali recycle and dust removal in papermaking and textile industry.
Electronics, medicine, machinery industry: for purifying air and improving product quality.

Product details

The high frequency pulse power supply for ESP consists of two parts: one part is the controller cabinet, which monitors the smooth operation of the whole power supply, and the other part is the high voltage box for variable ratio boost rectification and final output discharge.
Controller cabinet

High voltage box



Q1: What is the MOQ of high frequency pulse power supply for ESP?
A1: One set is enough.

Q2: Is OEM/ODM available?
A2: Yes. Our products can be customized. Pls inform us your requirements and we will check whether our product can meet your demand.

Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A3: It depends on your order quantity and generally it takes about 35-45 days.

Q4: Which market do you usually sell?
A4: Mainly eastern Europe market for power supply products.

Q5: How to use the product? And how long is the warranty?
A5: We will provide user guide and video clips to assist clients to use. Within one year from sale date.

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