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Medium Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply
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Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd manufacture medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply which mainly used in industrial processing business. Our power supply module solution can flexibly meet different requirements. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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Product Detail
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product Introduction

Medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply is a power current source which is to connect the device with power grids. This power supply is suitable for plasma surface treatment, plasma heating, plasma sintering, plasma body heat treatment, plasma body heat processing, plasma synthesis, chemical superfine purification, gas discharge light source, MHD power generation, superconducting magnetic field, plasma shielding, constant torque electric power drag and other industrial processing.
Power supply module design supports master power supply and slave power supply combination. And this design also flexibly meets different demands. All power supply products can be customized.

Power input parameter
Input voltage Three-phase 380V/50Hz AC
Input current ≤100A
Input voltage error ≤rating value±10%
Three phase supply voltage unbalances ≤5%
Input overvoltage protection ≥420V
Input undervoltage protection ≤350A
Booting up overshoot current ≤300A
Power output parameter
Output constant mode Constant current
Output voltage ≤1KV
output current 0~40A(Adjustable)
Output ripple ±1%
Output power ≤40kW
Output overvoltage protection ≥1.1kV
Output overcurrent protection ≥44A
Output frequency 60KHz
Output duty ratio 50%
Internal temperature alarm threshold value 65℃
Cooling method Air cooling + Water cooling
Short circuit protection
Other output power options: 20kW, 30kW. 40kW
Other series: Grid bias magnetron sputtering power supply, DC magnetron sputtering power supply, multifunctional coating power supply.


▶ Strong programmable function, flexible control, stable work, reliable quality and considerable cost performance.
▶ Self-adaptive arc extinguishing and working dimming, programmable to adapt to various coating processes.
▶ Unattended, connected to the Internet of things, seamless high and low voltage programmable switching, programmable short-circuit current and other advantages.
▶ Complete protection and display functions of undervoltage, overvoltage, overload and overheat.
▶ The feedback control system of the power supply has been improved and optimized, which can effectively suppress power frequency ripple and ensure high control stability precision.
▶ Customized combination according to the clients’ requirements.


The power supply has been widely used in electronics, aerospace, packaging, decoration, bronzing printing, automobile, home appliances, daily packaging, process decoration and other industrial fields.

Product details

Front panel: touching screen + handle
Touching screen interface: easy to adjust voltage value and current value, easy to operate.

Back panel

Production scene


Packaging: plywood package

Product qualification

CE certificate, LVD testing report and EMC testing report.


Q1: What is the MOQ of medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply?
A1: One set is enough.

Q2: Is OEM/ODM available?
A2: Yes. Our products can be customized. Pls inform us your requirements and we will check whether our product can meet your demand.

Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A3: It depends on your order quantity and generally it takes about 20-30days.

Q4: Can your product ship by air?
A4: Yes. We recommend to ship by air or by express if the number is small.

Q5: Which market do you usually sell?
A5: Mainly eastern Europe market for power supply products.

Q6: How to use the product? And how long is the warranty?
A6: We will provide user guide and video clips to assist clients to use. Within one year from sale date.

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