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SPS Spark Plasma Sintering Power Supply
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SPS has been receiving growing attention because of its remarkable effectiveness. Our SPS spark plasma sintering power supply is with the characteristics of high speed of raising temperature, short sintering time, energy saving, etc.

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product Introduction

The applied time of SPS technology can be dated from 1980s. However, since there was no suitable matching power supply, the production efficiency was too low to well promote this technology. Now, Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd developed the SPS spark plasma sintering power supply, whose pulse peak can reach 120000A. And its pulse current, duty ratio and the numbers of pulse can be adjustable and customized to meet the requirements from research to production.
This product can be used to sinter conductive powder materials as well as electrify the non-conductive powder materials, generally to produce metal, ceramics, nano materials, amorphous materials, composite materials, functionally gradient materials and etc.

AC input 3-5 three phase AC380V±38V; frequency 50Hz±2Hz
Output DC pulse voltage 6V≤U0≤16V; (can be customized)
Output DC pulse current can reach 120000A
Output DC pulse frequency 90kHz≤f0≤120kHz


▶ Supply power for vacuum sintering process of plasma conductive materials or non-conductive materials, improve sintering efficiency and quality;
▶ The output DC pulse voltage, current and frequency can be customized
▶ Strong power-off protection function. SPS plasma sintering equipment will automatically start the protection device when unconditional short circuit occurs;
▶ The power supply is modular. The maintenance and replacement of power supply devices are convenient. This product is designed by us independently with regular devices. If there is a small fault in the work, it can be solved according to the maintenance manual or the technician's remote guidance;
▶ Good safety performance. All wiring harnesses are in the cabinet to ensure that the operator can touch the equipment at will. The front and back doors of the cabinet should be unlocked with a key to ensure the safety of using the equipment;
▶ The product is designed in accordance with the national standard. Protections for overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, phase loss, leakage and water flow are stable and sound. After the power is turned off, the shunt resistor in parallel on the bus support capacitor of this product will automatically discharge the residual voltage on the capacitor until the residual voltage is zero.

Product details

Production scene


Q1: What is the MOQ of SPS spark plasma sintering power supply?
A1: One set is enough.

Q2: Is OEM/ODM available?
A2: Yes. Our products can be customized. Pls inform us your requirements and we will provide solution to meet your demand.

Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A3: It depends on your order quantity and generally it takes about 35-45 days.

Q4: Can we ship by air?
A4: Yes. We recommend to ship by air or express if the order quantity is small.

Q5: How to use the product? And how long is the warranty?
A5: We will provide user guide and video clips to assist clients to use. Within one year from sale date.

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